Smart Metering

If you try to understand better and learn more about Smart Metering then your best option is, only here you will have a complete guide to information quickly and easily at your disposal, Smart meters can pave the way for a transformation in the way energy is supplied and used.They will provide consumers with near real-time information about energy use, and more accurate bills.Smart Meters come with two-way communications that will enable meter readings to be taken at any time of the night or day without the need for a visit from a meter reader. These Smart Meters automatically send the reading information electronically. Imagine: no more estimated bills, knowing how much energy/money you are using at any given time, more flexible tariffs and methods of paying your bill and being able to see if you are using less energy compared to yesterday, last week, or even last year.wave2m for smart metering and smart grid address the challenge of efficient energy management and distribution. Understanding that embedded control and integrated connectivity will be at the heart of future smart grids, wave2m delivers intelligent controllers for smart electricity, water, gas and heat meters in addition to home energy management systems, communication solutions, including robust power line modems and low–power radios, enabling automated meter reading.make your the most suitable location and to obtain reliable information on Smart Metering
The System is a smart infrastructure where the electronic meters installed at Customer's premises provide access to the actual parameters and contractual data of the supply through a display; a module for communicating with the wave2m central systems and a switching device enabling, remotely, the consensus to connection and supply disconnection are also featured. Meters are therefore able to transmit data regarding consumptions, receive updates of the contractual parameters and remotely manage the supply connectivity so do you also a visit to


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