Green police New York

Having as main objective Play for patrolling either preventive or repressive in order to discourage and deter actions that pose threats and depredations of nature, green is the police ensuring compliance with environmental legislation for protection of flora and wildlife watching devices Laws and can booked, administrative, environmental offenders, equipping also the prosecutor in civil actions to recover the damage against nature, carry out arrests of offenders who are caught in committing environmental crimes and forwards them to the presence police authority for the drafting of the arrest report in the act and / or police investigation and provide the necessary information that later may be necessary in addition to educating the public about environmental legislation and the importance of complying with, linking to the need for creation, preservation and protection of conservation areas, also work in the prosecution of polluting cars and have systems that control emissions, all these factors the police Green New York is playing a key policing for all people, The adjustment leads to drive the new global reality, for the preservation and conservation of the environment, nature also belongs to those who are yet unborn, so the importance of the green police of New York.


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